About Engineering Services

About Engineering Services

Engineering is responsible for the transit system, traffic control, subdivision and condominium development as well as administering major construction projects such as roads, bridges and sewers.

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Department Contacts

Director, Public Works and Engineering
Brian MacDonald   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4201

Project Coordinator
Trevor Harvey   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4213

Manager of Engineering
John Velick   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4209

Engineering Technologist
Herb Lemon   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4202

Engineering Technician
Kris Wiszniak   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4204

Administrative Assistant
Amanda Norris   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4200

Manager, Fleet Facility & Purchasing
Dave McNalty   
Phone: 705-445-1292 x4208

Building Operator
Rory Walsh   
Phone: 705-445-1030 x3299