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Be prepared, not scared - Emergency preparedness starts with you

Winter power failures

Checklists for assembling personal emergency kits.

Advice on what to do before, during, and after emergencies such as natural disasters, winter power failures, etc.

Advice on evacuation procedures and possible emotional reactions following a crisis situation.

Precautions to take to reduce the harmful effects of power and heating failure in sub-zero weather.

What to do, and what not to do, during and after a power failure.

Steps to take in case you need to evacuate your home.

Preparing for the unexpected

Winter diving - You, your car and winter storms

What to do in emergency situations such as terrorist attacks.

Information on bomb threats, suspicious packages, and chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) incidents.

Step-by-step advice on building a personal emergency plan, recovering from a disaster, and administering basic first aid.


Practical information on keeping your car and its engine safe for winter driving.

Checklist and suggested items for a winter survival car kit.

Advice on how to keep control of your vehicle in different winter weather conditions.

Severe storms

Prepared for the woods

Advice on how to prepare for a severe storm, choose a shelter area, pack an emergency kit, etc.

What to do after any severe storm.

Advice on what to do in the home or in the car during a tornado, a hurricane, a severe thunderstorm, hail, freezing rain, or a blizzard.

Information on preparation and planning -- from equipment and clothing to "footprinting" each member of the group before a wilderness trip.

Safety tips and advice on what to do if you encounter wildlife, especially bears.

Checklist for a basic survival/first aid kit. Survival tips for adults and children.

Prepare to survive a major earthquake

Storm surges

General information on earthquakes, aftershocks, potential earthquake damage, and mitigation activities in Canada.

Advice on preparing your home, checking it for hazards, preparing special emergency supply kits and evacuation packs.

Step-by-step instructions on what to do during and after an earthquake, including an emergency contact plan.

Advice on how to prepare for a storm surge, including making an inventory and gathering important documents.

What to do during a storm surge or in the event of an evacuation order.

Questions you should ask about your community's plans to prevent damage.

Floods - What to do before and after

Step-by-step advice, general precautions, and evacuation procedures.

What to do after the flood: precautions during cleanup, tips on cleaning water-damaged heirlooms and antiques, paintings, textiles, etc.

Information on what to keep and what to discard; steps to follow before moving back into your house.