Collingwood Public Utilities Class Environmental Assessment - Mair Mills Water Serviceing Notice of Study Completion

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In January 2012, Collingwood Public Utilities (CPU) initiated a Schedule ‘B’ Class Environmental Planning Process to investigate Options to consider water pumping and storage alternatives to provide water servicing to Mair Mills Village, which is part of Zone 2 (West End) of the Town of Collingwood’s water distribution system.  A total of four (4) Methods of Service (including Do Nothing), two (2) facility types and five (5) site locations have been identified and evaluated.  The overall Preferred Solution is as follows:
Construct a new in-ground or grade level reservoir and water booster pump station on CPU owned property on the North West corner of Sixth Street and Stewart Road, decommission the existing Georgian Meadows water booster pump station and construct a 400 mm diameter watermain on Sixth Street from Georgian Meadows Drive to the 10th Line and along the 10th Line from Sixth Street to Mair Mills Village.
This Project is being planned as a Schedule “B” project under the Municipal Class Environmental Assessment planning process.  A Draft Phase 1 & 2 Report has been completed and by this Notice is being placed in the public record for review.  Subject to comments received as a result of this Notice and the receipt of necessary approvals and funds, CPU intends to proceed with the design and construction of the reservoir and booster pump station.  The preliminary opinion of cost of the proposed works is $4,314,000.
The Draft Phase 1 & 2 Report is available for review at the following location:
Collingwood Town Hall
97 Hurontario St.
Collingwood, ON
L9Y 3Z5
Mon-Fri  8:30am-4:30pm
(705) 445-1030
The report is also available on the Town of Collingwood website ( and the COLLUS website (
Further information may be obtained from CPU’s consultant at the address provided below.
Please provide written comment to Mr. Marcus Firman, Manager, Water Services, CPU within 30 calendar days from the date of this Notice.  If concerns regarding the project cannot be resolved in discussions with CPU, a person may request that the Minister of the Environment make an order for the project to comply with the Environmental Assessment Act (referred to as a Part II Order), which addresses individual environmental assessments.  Requests must be received by the Minister at the address below by April 30, 2012.  A copy of the request must also be sent to the Mr. Marcus Firman.  If no request is received by April 30, 2012, the proposed project can proceed to design and construction as outlined in the Phase 1 & 2 Report.
Mr. Marcus Firman, C.E.T.                                        Ms. Nicole Sartor, P.Eng.
Manager, Water Services                                         Project Engineer
Collingwood Public Utilities                                          Ainley Group
43 Stewart Rd., P.O. Box 189                                     280 Pretty River Parkway
Collingwood, Ontario                                                  Collingwood, Ontario
L9Y 3Z5                                                                    L9Y 4J5
Tel: (705) 445-1800, ext. 2246                                     Tel: (705) 445-3451
Fax: (705) 445-2549                                                   Fax: (705) 445-0968
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This notice issued March 30, 2012.