Mair Mills Water Servicing EA

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Collingwood Public Utilities (CPU) is undertaking the completion of a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) planning process to determine water servicing requirements to meet planned growth in the proposed Mair Mills Village subdivision. The location of the Mair Mills Village Subdivision is shown on Figures 1 through 4. Ainley Group was retained in August 2011 to document the Class EA planning process in a Phase 1 & 2 Report.
The existing water supply system for the Town of Collingwood comprises the following:
  • Raymond A. Barker Water Filtration Plant
  • Elevated storage tank at Hume and Minnesota Streets
  • A.R. (Ted) Carmichael West End Reservoir
  • R.A (Bob) Davey South End Reservoir
  • In-line booster station on Osler Bluff Road
  • Public and private watermains
In addition, CPU operates and maintains an in-line booster station owned by the developer of Georgian Meadows.
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