Invitation to the General Public - Tour of Service Battalion Facilities

Invitation to the General Public
The members of 2 Service Battalion in support of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group (2 CMBG) currently deployed around the Collingwood area invite you to a tour of our facilities.
A Service Battalion is a Unit of the Canadian Army that provides combat service support to a Brigade Group and its elements.  It is able to both fight in a defensive role as well as provide the vital logistics support required to sustain the operations of the other supported Units within the Brigade Group.
2 Service Battalion, from Canadian Forces Base Petawawa is currently deployed to the Collingwood area and is divided into three subunits: Maintenance Company, Supply and Transport Company and Administration Company.
Maintenance Company is responsible for the repair and recovery of 2 CMBG’s land based vehicles and equipment.  The Ancillary technicians maintain weapons, diagnose electronics and optics, weld, fabricate and repair communication systems.  Our vehicle technicians service a variety of trucks, small engines, and armoured fighting vehicles.
Supply and Transportation Company provides transportation, movements support and the provision of multiple classes of supply which include fuel, water, rations, spare parts and general consumables to the Brigade.
Administration Company provides internal service support (maintenance, transportation, supply, etc.) to the Battalion itself and its elements as well as providing the command and control capability required to operate 2 Service Battalion.
2 Service Battalion will be in the Collingwood area until May 17th 2012 providing support to 2 CMBG during Exercise Spartan Bear which is primarily occurring in the Meaford area involving approximately 2,000 soldiers and 600 vehicles.
This is a great opportunity for the community to meet the officers and soldiers of 2 Service Battalion who provide a variety of support to the Units within the Canadian Army.
In order to accommodate visitors while providing a high level of support to the Brigade, we ask that all visitors who wish to tour our lines please check in with the front gate during the below times:
Maintenance Company: Located at 101 Mountain Dr, Collingwood
Weekdays (Mon-Fri):
10:00 – 11:00 A.M.
03:00 – 04:00 P.M.
Weekend of 12th to 13th May:
10:00 – 12:00 A.M.
02:00 – 04:00 P.M.
If a group of 10 or more people are planning to visit, please contact us so special arrangements can be made.
Point of Contact:
2Lt Ben Park, Duty Officer, Maintenance Company
Supply and Transportation Company: Located at Collingwood Regional Airport
Same timings as above
Point of Contact:
Lieutenant Laura Sanche, Senior Duty Officer, Supply and Transport Company
Administration Company: Located at Concession Road 6 & Poplar Side Rd & 6 Line
Same timings as above
Point of Contact:
Lieutenant Jessica Worr, Senior Duty Officer, Administration Company
Please understand that we ask for the public’s cooperation and understanding that the number of visits may be limited to allow our soldiers to continue to provide support to Exercise Spartan Bear.
Maintenance Company of 2 Service Battalion would also like to take this opportunity to send their appreciation to Chris Hinn who has provided them access to the old Good Year Plant and surrounding paved areas.  This facility is the ideal environment for Maintenance Company to carry out repairs in support of 2 CMBG while allowing them an opportunity to interact with the community.
We hope you will be pleased with your experience and looking forward to seeing you.
Neil Nicholson
Lieutenant Colonel
Commanding Officer
2 Service Battalion
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