Collingwood's First Annual Day of Delight

May 26th 10:00
May 26th 13:00

Gaslight Tour and Toronto-based Clay & Paper Theatre 

are proud to present Collingwood's

First Annual

Day of  Delight on Saturday, May 26 

at the Collingwood Farmers' Market  

10:00 am - 1:00 pm


The festival is funded by proceeds from the Gaslight Tour ticket sales and a Community Recreation & Culture Grant from the Town of Collingwood.



10:00 am       Cardbordia Village Build

25 sq. ft area at the market is designated for the building of Cardbordia.

The Festival will provide all the materials. Children & adults are  invited to provide the labour.


10:30 am       Follow The  Band

Meet Maracatu Mar Aberto, the Afro-Brazilian percussion & song troupe, Collingwood's soon-to-be named giant puppet and a band of merry makers at the corner of Hurontario and Third. Follow them down the street to the Farmers' Market.


11:00 am      The Farmers' Market

Collingwood's Santa, Bill Nicholson, will welcome all to the festival. David Anderson,

Artistic Director, Clay& Paper Theatre and Maria Wodzinska his stilt-walking assistant 

will MC the festivities:


Act 1 Negotiation -  Performers: Brandy Leary, Amy Hampton, Ryan Lee & Jennifer Robichaud


Act 2  if only i..... Dancers: Rhanda Jones & Steven Smith 


           WIll You Be My Valentine - Artist Natalie Wei

           The Love Lettering Project - Artist Lindsay Zier-Vogel


 Act 3 The Return of the Green Man - A Mummers Play writ large. 

An 'adaptation' of the story of Sir Gawain and the Green Night in the King Arthur story

 In the Clay & Paper Theatre version, The Child of Courage helps the Green Man get his beautiful Dragon back from the clutches of the Prophet of Doom, Death himself.


1:00 Finale:  Closing parade back to Cardbordia with the Maracatu Mar Alberto Troupe

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