Notice of Intention to Designate 324 Pine Street

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Take Notice that the Council of the Town of Collingwood, on June 25, 2012, passed a resolution of intent to designate part Lots 47 and 48, west side, Pine Street, Plan 73 and is known municipally as 324 Pine Street under Section 29 of the Ontario Heritage Act, R.S. O. 1990, c.18, as they are of cultural heritage value and interest.
Statement of Cultural Heritage Value or Interest
This property known municipally as 324 Pine Street (part Lots 47 and 48, west side, Pine Street, Plan 73) contains a two storey, Queen Anne Revival style, brick dwelling. The property was owned by Harriet Chamberlain and the dwelling built in 1881 by her spouse John Chamberlin. He was a local contractor, mason, and later mayor of Collingwood. The Chamberlains built a second dwelling to the south at 328 Pine Street for family use. The dwelling at 324 Pine Street was built for rental and/or sale. That this is an infill dwelling straddling two building lots is a comment on the early demand for housing along Pine Street.
The property was bought in 1885 by Jane McQuade. Her husband James died in 1879 while serving as chief engineer on board the ill fated steamship Waubano. Jane may have occupied the dwelling but soon tenanted it before selling in 1915 to her son William, a master mariner living in Owen Sound. Subsequent, long term owners of this property were retired farmers Donald and Catharine McAllister (1925-1955) and the Roy Lunan family (1957-1998).
This dwelling is among several Queen Anne Revival style structures erected in the last two decades of 19th century Collingwood. Unlike some period examples, the form is symmetrical with an emphasis on verticality; and the decoration is uncluttered. It features John Chamberlain’s signature use of black and red dyed bricks to embellish the common red orange accented with buff coloured bricks combination. The masonry is in near original condition.
This property is important in maintaining the traditional residential quality of the Pine Street streetscape.
Description of Heritage Attributes
The cultural heritage value or interest of this property is expressed by the heritage attribute of the 1881 dwelling. The main brick structure and the lesser brick section at the rear are included. The one storey, frame structure abutting the rear and southwest corner of the dwelling is not included.
The cultural heritage value or interest of this property is embodied in components of the exterior of the brick dwelling, such as:
  • the overall form, massing, two and 1.5 storey height, L-plan, symmetry, and scale of the main structure and the rear (west) section
  • the low pitched, complex hipped roof
  • the form and placement of the projecting front (east) dormer
  • the corbelled chimney constructed of red orange and buff coloured bricks at the apex of the west gable end
  • all window openings and lugsills (not the metal sashes or frames), including the three sided, one storey, bay window of the east facade
  • the masonry, including the red orange and buff coloured, unpainted bricks; original black and red dyed brick banding; radiating voussoirs or labels over the openings; buff coloured brick band or rain plinth above the foundation; buff coloured, untooled mortar; and rubblestone foundation
  • any original elements of the doorcase on the east facade within the open (later enclosed) porch at the southeast corner of the dwelling
  • any original elements of the verandah and doorcase at the south side of the lesser brick section (at the west)
  • the view of the front (east) facade of the dwelling to and from Pine Street
Any objection to this designation must be filled within 30 days of July 6, 2012  being the date of the publication of the notice of intention to designate, as published in this publication.   Objections should be directed to Sara Almas, Town Clerk, 97 Hurontario St., P.O. Box 157, Collingwood, ON  L9Y 3Z5. 
Any inquiries may be directed to:
Ron Martin, Deputy Chief Building Official
Building Department
705-445-1030 ex. 3235
Last date for objection is August 7, 2012.
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