Collingwood Town Council

Collingwood Town Council

Corporation of the Town of Collingwood
Members of Council
Term 2014 – 2018

Back Row:  Councillor Bob Madigan, Councillor Kathy Jeffery, Mayor Sandra Cooper, Councillor Deb Doherty, Councillor Kevin Lloyd
Front Row: Councillor Mike Edwards, Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson, Councillor Tim Fryer, Councillor Cam Ecclestone

(Photo courtesy of John Knox Photography)

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Agendas & Minutes

Mayor Sandra Cooper

Deputy Mayor Brian Saunderson

Councillor Tim Fryer

Councillor Mike Edwards
Councillor Cam Ecclestone
Councillor Kathy Jeffery
Councillor Deb Doherty
Councillor Bob Madigan
Councillor Kevin Lloyd

Department Contacts

Sandra Cooper   
Phone: 705-445-8451 x3226

Deputy Mayor
Brian Saunderson   
Phone: 705-443-0167 x

Tim Fryer   
Phone: 705-441-2390 x

Mike Edwards   
Phone: 705-441-5037 x

Cam Ecclestone   
Phone: 705-443-7526 x

Kathy Jeffery   
Phone: 705-441-4081 x

Deb Doherty   
Phone: C. 705-321-9774 | H. 705-444-7274 x

Bob Madigan   
Phone: 705-606-1924 x

Kevin Lloyd   
Phone: 705-444-4207 x

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