Trails Advisory Committee

Trails Advisory Committee

The Trails Advisory Committee assists in creating a high quality, all season series of trails contributing to this area's development as a world-class destination, while connecting all areas of our community by a safe, off-road, multi-use trail system.


The Trails Advisory Committee is responsible for providing recommendations to the Community Services Standing Committee on the development of policies and programs in the area of trails, in accordance with approved corporate strategic objectives.

Current Projects/Initiatives:
  • Promoting additional trail usage by increasing awareness of the trail network.
  • Working with the Historical Society to add features of local history on the Trails Network.


The Committee shall consist of seven (7) voting citizen members, Director of Parks, Recreation and Culture, or designate and a Recording Secretary. The term of office of a citizen member shall be for not longer than three years, with eligibility for reappointment. Citizen members are appointed in accordance with the corporate policy known as “Recruitment and Selection – Committee/Local Committee Appointments”.

Key Qualifications & Eligibility Requirements of Citizen Members include:

  • Must be eligible to vote in the Town of Collingwood municipal election;
  • Citizen members should represent a following skill sets and/or interest areas: Youth, seniors, persons with disabilities, natural heritage/environmental protection, arts, culture, sports, active living, public health representative, school board representatives;
  • Demonstrated leadership (mandatory for chair); and
  • Good communication skills, demonstrate initiative, and positive attitude.
Current Committee Members
Wayne Caswill 
George Christie 
Murray Knowles 
Jack Marley 
Annette Patrick 
Jim Kropf
Louise Watt
Staff Resource
Wendy Martin, Manager, Parks
Monica Gal, Recording Secretary


Meetings of the Trails Advisory Committee shall generally be held monthly or at the call of the Chair, with the provision that at least four meetings shall be held per year.  The Advisory Committee shall generally establish a regular meeting schedule that may be reviewed from time to time.

Need more information? Contact the Manager of Parks

Telephone: 705-444-2500 Ext: 3290