The Collingwood Trails encompass more that 60 kilometres of recreational trails for cyclists, walkers, joggers, skiers, and snowshoers. There’s a trail leading to every major point of interest in the Town including the beaches of Sunset Point, the scenic lookout at Millennium Park, the tranquil gardens of the Arboretum, the historic Station Museum, and Collingwood Downtown.

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Collingwood Trails 25th Anniversary!

In 2014, Collingwood Trails is celebrating 25 years of trails in town and is doing so with a new logo, an upated trail map, a photo contest, Art in the Street banners, new interpretive signs, and more! Join in the celebration as these activities unfold. Find out more about some of these exciting projects below.

New Collingwood Trails Logo

The new Collingwood Trails logo is composed of a stylized version of the name Trails combined with the Town name and three very distinctive leaves, each in a unique colour. The leaf colours of green, blue and brown add an element of nature and attraction. The linear lines in the leaves help to represent the connecting trail system and the colours of the leaves represent the area attractions of green spaces, water (blue), and the mountain in brown. The layout of the leaves also represent the directional choices of the trail system. The leaves can represent outdoors, nature, trees and water to symbolize Collingwood’s closeness to all seasons of natural beauty.

The Collingwood Trails Anniversary Burger Contest

Attention all Collingwood Restaurants there is still time to submit an entry:

In celebration of the 25thanniversary of trails in Collingwood, the Collingwood Trails Committee is holding an Anniversary Burger Contest! All Collingwood restaurants, even those not located directly on a trail, are invited and encouraged to participate. Create your own take on a “Collingwood Trails Burger”. Develop your own unique recipe and add your burger to your menu. Fill out the registration form here to provide us the details and let the voting begin!

Attention all burger lovers:

Beginning April 1st, visit the restaurants that have taken up the challenge and sample the town’s best trails burgers. View the list of restaurants and read about their burgers here. Take the taste test and vote for your favourite here! Voting opens April 1st and closes October 31st, 2014.

The Collingwood Trails Photo Contest

Thank you for all the submissions! Stay tuned for the results.

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